How to fix iPhone Screen Isn't Displaying After Screen Replacement


We’ve received feedback from technicians at phone repair shops about occasional screen malfunctions occurring after installing phone screens. (These issues can also emerge a few days after the screen replacement.)

After a meticulous inspection by our InScreenZone QC team, we’ve identified that these problems are primarily caused by damage to the phone screen assembly’s flex cables.

Despite their flexibility, these cables can develop significant creases, leading to cable damage as seen in the image below.


There are obvious creases in the cable

This situation often arises because the phone screen assembly isn’t properly folded and placed in the device’s groove during installation.

In the following sections, we will demonstrate the correct procedure for replacing a phone screen, using the iPhone X as an example.

iPhone X

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Before installing the phone screen assembly, consider gently bending and shaping the flex cables.

Tip: Ensure that the bending occurs at least 1mm away from the edges to avoid cable damage due to bracket pressure during rapid installations.


least 1mm away from the edges
  1. Next, align the top portion of the phone screen with the phone’s motherboard and then align the sides (where the flex cables are located).

Note: Before snapping in place, verify that the bent portion of the cables aligns perfectly with the motherboard’s groove.

align the top portion of the phone screen with the phone's motherboard
  1. After completing the above steps, conduct a final screen test.
phone screen texting


These are our solutions for addressing screen display issues that may arise after replacing a phone screen. For more knowledge on phone repairs and screen replacements, thank you for your attention.


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