Testing Phone Screen Functionality - 5 Simple and Effective Steps

This video showcases our InScreenZone quality assurance team demonstrating the process of testing screen functionality. Discover how we conduct thorough testing on each individual phone screen before shipping.

Typically, we need to use the following several testing methods to assess the fundamental functions of the phone screen:

1. Color Test: Set a colorful image as the phone’s background and observe whether the colors are vibrant and accurate. Check for any color distortion or abnormalities.

2. Screen Responsiveness Test: Rapidly move apps on the phone screen to assess if there are instances of touch interruptions or other issues.

3. Screen Ratio Test: Open content with different resolutions and check if the screen ratio is correct, without any stretching or compression.

4. Black Uniformity Test: Open an all-black image and observe if the screen uniformly displays black without any bright or dark spots.

5. White Uniformity Test: Open an all-white image and observe if the screen uniformly displays white without any color blocks or spots.

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